Best friends and passionate photographers born in Switzerland, we grew up at the foot of the Valais mountains. In 2020, we began our adventure by immortalising these natural treasures through physical art prints, framed and presented in the traditional way. Each photograph, printed on fine art photo paper, was a limited edition destined to become an exclusive design object.

4 years later, we decided to modernise by fully embracing the digital potential. Recognising the ease of access and flexibility that the digital world offers, we have transformed our project to sell very high-resolution digital files of our most iconic photographs. This evolution allows us not only to share the beauty of the landscape more freely, but also to give everyone the freedom to print these images according to their preferences of format, size and medium, making each piece a personalised work of art.

This transition from physical to digital reflects our desire to make the art of the image more accessible and customisable, while retaining the spirit and quality that have defined our work from the outset. Welcome to our new world, where tradition meets innovation and each download invites a new personal exploration of art.