Special BakerySwap NTF Sell

Article en cours d’écriture.


A très vite.


Hello dear Baker,

Today, we are ready and sure than our art MUST’NT be limited to Switzerland but only LIMITED in quantity.

It’s why our frames are going to be engraved by the BSC and in the BSC!


BAKE quantity is limited to 144 606 918. Frames in this serie are limited to 1 each.

You are here for something unique, to get something unique.

Maximum 4 of you are going to be first blockchain certified owner of our unique serie of Alps pictures. Printed on the famous paper: Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308g.

We, Keven and Jordan, swiss photograph and artist just decide after a long speak, to make this opportunity.

For those who like the long story short here the brief:

  1. We make a serie of 3 frames + 1 exclusive
  2. Selling them on the BakerySwap NFT Supermarket
  3. Offer you the opportunity to the lucky owner to contact us
  4. Then send a physical copy to the owner signed by us and marked with the blockchain ID
    1. Matterhorn – Alps serie – 0/3 – ID 1032
    2. Dents du Midi – Alps serie – 1/3 – ID 1033
    3. Aletsch – Alps serie – 2/3 – ID 1035
    4. Mont Maudit – Alps serie – 3/3 – ID 1036

*Door to door express shipping

The tree frames come from our limited edition stock but the exclusive one will be send only once, printed only once.

We will NEVER copy this exclusive image again

These 4 unique print will be gently signed by us and smartly certified by the unique blockchain ID.

Our frames are a long project. We work on this from many years and today we offer and provide a unique chance.

It’s our first time on the international market. Until now we never target outside Switzerland.

Now, we pave a new way of the most stylish NFT sell.

You are not going to just eat BAKE on a smart contract: you investing on a physical frame engraved by the BSC and in the BSC.

Dear BAKER, if we do that is also the push the BAKE, push this huge project and his incredible community.

Don’t hesitate to share this article and mainly visit the BakerySwap NTP Supermarket the check if these unique frame are still available.

Place to the 3 frames

Aletsch - Switzerland
Dents du Midi - Switzerland
Mont Maudit - France

The exclusive one

Just to make you wishful

  • The owner can chose one of the tree size available on our shop : 70 x 100 cm / 50 x 70 cm / 30 x 42cm